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Tax Accounting Services for Albuquerque Taxpayers


At Albuquerque Pure Tax Resolution our focus is to help our clients in and around Albuquerque maintain healthy tax status. We offer tax accounting services that go beyond tax debt resolution, to also ensure that your tax returns are handled properly and you are pointed in the right direction to avoid future tax problems.

Our professional team of tax accountants and CPAs work with Albuquerque-area individuals and business owners to resolve tax problems and file their taxes on time.  We offer a variety of tax accounting and resolution services, including:

  • Preparing and filing tax returns
  • Rectifying late or misfiled tax returns
  • Payroll tax relief for payroll tax problems
  • Sales tax compliance issues
  • Preparing offer in compromise calculations
  • Preparing for IRS tax audits, IRS investigations and IRS appeals
  • Financial planning, tax planning, and more!

If you have tax debt or tax penalties, we can certainly help. In addition, our tax accounting services can ensure your tax documents and filing requirements are done properly and on time, for now, and into the future. Take advantage of our tax accounting services by contacting us today for a free consultation! (505) 273-7773