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Stop Wage Garnishment Immediately with Albuquerque Pure Tax

Stop wage garnishment

The IRS does not make exceptions when it comes to collecting tax debt or penalties. If your are getting wage garnishment letters from the IRS, it is essentially the boiling point of your tax debt problems.  When the IRS exercises wage garnishment action against you, they have the ability to overstep all legal boundaries.  The good news? wage garnishment can be stopped, if acted on immediately!

The Early Stages of Wage Garnishment

Before the IRS can garnish your wages, they must send you two letters. These notices should be taken seriously, and the best thing you can do is pursue professional wage garnishment help in order to stop the wage garnishment The first letter is a warning (CP-297), demanding you to pay off your outstanding tax debt. If you fail to take action within the deadline they give you, you will receive a second, and final notice from the IRS (CP-90). If you still fail to take action, the IRS will begin garnishing your wages. Not only are your wages at stake, but they get in direct contact with your employer to initiate the wage garnishment.  Not only is your tax dilemma stripped of its confidentiality, but your personal and professional well-being is jeopardized!



Our Wage Garnishment Attorneys offer professional Wage Garnishment Help

To stop wage garnishment, it is crucial that you consult a professional wage garnishment attorneys ASAP. The wage garnishment attorneys at Albuquerque Pure Tax will contact the IRS immediately, and can usually stop wage garnishment within 24 hours. We offer free consultations, 24/7 availability for our clients, and offer up-front pricing.  Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today and get wage garnishment help you can trust! (505) 273-7773