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IRS Back Taxes Settlement of Albuquerque, New Mexico


IRS back taxes can become very crippling for New Mexico taxpayers, especially if they are not aware of the potential consequences involved. Even the most miniscule IRS back tax debt can snowball out of control if not addressed correctly and promptly, resulting in unwavering tax penalties and your assets/wages being at risk. If you are a New Mexico taxpayer in the Albuquerque-area with IRS back taxes, Albuquerque Pure Tax is your local solution for professional IRS back taxes settlement. Whether an individual or business owner, we will listen and provide a plan that will settle your IRS back taxes.

Depending on the nature of your tax debt and financial situation, we can offer a IRS back taxes settlement strategy that suits you:

  • Filing late tax returns
  • Correcting misfiled tax returns
  • Pursuing convenient IRS payment plans
  • Negotiating an Offer in Compromise
  • Putting a stop to liens, levies, and wage garnishment
  • Helping you avoid future tax problems
  • And any other IRS back tax settlement method!

Why choose us for IRS back taxes settlement?

Whether an individual or business owner with minor or severe IRS back taxes, we believe the hard-working taxpayers of Albuquerque deserve a professional solution to their IRS back taxes.  Forget about the uncertainty of working with the faceless IRS back taxes firms on the TV/Radio, Albuquerque Pure Tax Resolution offers FREE consultations, 24 hour availability for clients, flat up-front pricing, and exceptional customer service from start to finish! 

Call us today and speak directly with our President, Tim Halcomb to get IRS back taxes settlement you can trust! (505) 273-7773